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Oman / Extra Divers Sifah

The Extra Divers centre is located in the marina at Sifah, set against the beautiful backdrop of the Hajar Mountains and only about five minutes’ walk from the Sifawy Boutique Hotel. The centre, in oriental boutique style, is under professional management and is ideal for anyone who appreciates peace and quiet, relaxation and delicious food. The incredible abundance of fish, beautiful soft coral, rugged steep walls, and two marvellously overgrown wrecks make diving in Sifah something special.

Dive Center will be closed from May 31th to July 31th, re opening August 1st.

Diving/Dive spots

Because of the water’s high nutrient content the number of fish in Oman is very high. You’ll often see big shoals of fish, large feathertail rays, torpedo rays, green turtles, moray eels and scorpionfish. Even whale sharks have been sighted in the autumn. Macro enthusiasts will find numerous species of nudibranchs and shrimp. Visibility in Oman can vary greatly – anything is possible, from 5 to 20 metres. Dives generally take place in the Bandar Al Khairan area, which has 22 dive sites to choose from. Bandar Al Khairan is south-east of Muscat. Secluded beaches and unique reefs await divers here. The highlight, though, is the Al Munassir wreck. The 85-metre-long wreck lies at a depth of approximately 30m and is home to a multitude of underwater inhabitants, including rays, moray eels and turtles.
Ras Abu Daud is a dive site that is only visited by Extra Divers in Sifah. Rugged rock faces alternate with colourful reefs. Large shoals of fish, tuna, turtles, rays, nudibranchs and mobulas are often seen here. One of the highlights of Ras Abu Daud is the Mimosa wreck, lying at a depth of just 14 metres and already beautifully overgrown.
There are generally two dives in the mornings, returning in time for lunch. In the evenings guests get together in the hotel bar for some happy hour beer. The dive sites are only 15 to 30 minutes away. Additional dives, in the afternoon or evening (min. 4 divers, and subject to the weather), are available on request. Day trips are sometimes arranged as well. The boats depart from the resort’s own harbour, dispensing with the need for a long walk and making boarding and disembarkation easy. In addition, excursions to Muscat and full-day tours to Wadi Shab, which is well worth seeing, can be organised on site.

Team & Education

The diving center is under professional management by our Swiss born Manager Guillaume CHAPUIS who is also Scuba Diving Instructor and speaks fluently several languages. Extra Divers Sifah provides diving courses and specialty courses from entry level up to advanced open water diver level according to SSI Scuba School International standards. Training is currently provided in English, French and Italian.

Guillaume CHAPUIS
Extra Divers Sifah Branch Manager
Email :
Mobile & Whatsapp : +968 9067 9444


• 12-litre aluminium tanks (DIN and INT connection)
• 30 sets of high-quality Aqua Lung equipment for hire
• 3 dive boats
• boutique and on-site workshop
• 2 compressors
• 1 nitrox filling station (Nitrox available for purchase at 2 OMR per dive)
• 4 DAN oxygen first aid kits

Payment on-site

Please note that Oman generally does not accept US dollar bills older than 2007!

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