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Malta / Extra Divers Gozo

Gozo's unique natural scenery also continues underwater. Beautiful dive sites in crystal-clear water with caves, overhangs, breakthroughs and fascinating rock formations enchant every diver's heart. Visibility of up to 50 meters and the magnificent blue of the water create extraordinary light and color effects.

The base is attached to the Grand Hotel in Mgarr and is located at the back of the hotel in Triq Il-Hamri, right next to the mosaic staircase. The traditional Gozitan building with its eye-catching blue entrance portal houses the office, the room for rental equipment, the technical and compressor room and, at the rear on the covered terraces, the storage rooms for guests' equipment and, of course, plenty of space for socializing. Care was taken to preserve the traditional flair of the rooms during the fit-out.

Diving/Dive spots

Around 32 different dive sites can be reached by minibus / 4WD or by boat. The Extra Divers centre offers at least two dives a day – and there are also night dives on offer several times a week, as well as boat trips and full-day excursions to selected sites off Comino, Malta and Gozo. The guided dives are always conducted in small groups, visiting the most beautiful locations around the islands, including wrecks, steep walls, caves and grottos. Accompanied by the centre’s experienced guides, you’ll discover legendary dive sites like the Blue Hole and the Inland Sea. At Extra Divers Gozo, snorkelers and non-diving companions are also very welcome.
You’ll be impressed by the diving on Gozo, with its very good visibility and water temperatures of up to 27°C in the summer. Under the water you’ll encounter large groupers, huge shoals of sea bream, big barracudas, mackerel and the occasional tuna and eagle ray. Octopuses and cuttlefish are ever-present – and for macro enthusiasts there are seahorses and nudibranchs to be discovered. A particular highlight is seeing helmet snails during night dives. Gozo is suitable for beginners and experienced divers alike. There are only slight currents. All of this makes the island the perfect destination for anyone wanting to learn to dive or improve their diving skills.

The dive trips start and end directly in front of the entrance to the centre. Diving and snorkelling equipment is available for hire. Particular attention is paid to diver training. The commencement of courses every day in small groups ensures successful learning outcomes. Because of the exposed dive sites on Gozo, all training and advanced training courses offered are SSI, CMAS and PADI-compliant, as are special courses (wreck diving, diving in sea caves).

Team & Education

The diving center is managed by Markus Lanz. He is supported by a team of 4 diving instructors. Extra Divers offer training in German, English, French, Spanish and Polish, with SSI and PADI training from OWD to SSI Assistant Instructor. Technical diving and sidemount diving can also be offered on request.


- 20 complete sets of Aqua Lung equipment
- 5 mm wetsuits in various sizes
- Steel tanks in 10, 12 or 15 liters
- Air or Nitrox (for a fee)
- Mono valves, DIN (INT adapter)
- 2 compressors
- 6 vehicles
- Rental of UW lamps
- 3 Suex DPV
- Sidemount tanks

Highlights & Specials

- Cave and wreck diving
- Extended range diving up to trimix
- Sidemount courses + diving
- Children diving from 12 years
- Boat dives near Comino

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