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Egypt / Extra Divers Dahab


The popular Extra Divers dive centre is right on the beach of the hotel at the 4-star Swiss Inn Resort Dahab. Compared to other holiday destinations in Egypt, Dahab is still a relatively dreamy seaside location, attracting a good many surfers and divers.

Diving/Dive spots

With its 30 dive sites, the kilometre-long fringing reef across from Dahab is an ideal destination for divers at all levels of proficiency. Dahab is famous for its shore diving at dive sites such as the Blue Hole and the Canyon, which means that the dives are mostly accessed by 4WD. After the dive you can relax with a cold drink in a cosy corner and relive the day’s experiences.

Extra Divers Dahab drive twice a day by 4WD to various dive sites. Snorkelers can of course come along too and get their money’s worth. The dive sites are located in close proximity to the centre and can be reached in no more than 35 minutes. World-famous dive sites such as the Blue Hole and the Canyon are of course on the programme. Early morning dives and night dives are also offered.
A particular attraction is the camel tours to the untouched dive sites of Ras Abu Galum.
A camel ride at sunrise along the coast to the northern dive sites is a unique experience. Coral gardens sloping down into shallow waters, largely unexplored by divers, paint a magnificent underwater landscape with countless triggerfish and a resplendent shoal of glassfish. Here you’ll encounter large Napoleon wrasses, blue-spotted rays and hawksbill turtles. Full-day boat tours to the Gabr El Bint reefs are offered once or twice a week. There you’ll find steep, fissured walls and gorgonian forests, often frequented by turtles, Napoleon fish and milkfish. From time to time the boat will be accompanied by a pod of dolphins.

Team & Education

The highly individually-run dive centre is is managed by Silvia Martin and René Clauberg. Multilingual training is provided in compliance with SSI and VDST/CMAS, from beginner to instructor. All SSI specialised courses are offered, including sidemount diving. Children aged 10 and over can also begin their diver training here. The team speaks German, English and French.


• 50 sets of Aqua Lung equipment for hire
• 6, 12, 15-litre aluminium tanks (DIN & INT)
• nitrox available for purchase in any mixture required (€3.00 per dive)
• UW camera hire
• 4WD tours
• day boat tours once or twice a week
• camel safari
• boutique, workshop
• oxygen & first aid kits

Payment on-site

Cash: €uro, US Dollar or Egyptian Pounds.
Credit cards: surcharge of 2,5% of the invoice

Highlights & Specials

Camel Safari
The nature reserve Ras Abu Galum is located north of Dahab and can only be reached by car via large detours. That's why we offer you an unforgettable adventure that can only be found in Dahab:

We take you with the camel to the little dive sites of Ras Abu Galum. Shallow coral gardens offer a beautiful underwater landscape with countless reef perches and glass fish blocks. Here one likes to meet big Napoleons, blue spotted stingrays and loggerhead turtles.
As in ancient times, we ride comfortably with our diving gear along the sea towards Ras Abu Galum. Arrived, we settle down in a Bedouin hut, where a welcome tea awaits us. From here, two unforgettable dives are made. For lunch, the Bedouins cook a great meal and tea is served before retiring on the camels back to Dahab. A "must" for those who want to experience something special. Also possible are camel safaris over two days.
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