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Indonesia / Extra Divers Gawana-Bali

Divine dives in northwest Bali

Dive and relax on the island of the gods! The German-managed Extra Divers Gawana dive center is located in the beautiful Naya Gawana Resort in northwest Bali and is the perfect distance from great dive sites. Menjangan Island and the macro-paradise "Secret Bay" can be visited all year round and ensure unforgettable diving experiences!

Diving/Dive spots

Diving is done with simple local wooden boats, a few trips take place by minibus (e.g. Secret Bay). There are around 25 diving spots available that can be reached in between 5 and 50 minutes. Two-tank dives are offered in the mornings and afternoons. Early morning, sunset dives and night dives are also possible on request.
Customer service is a top priority at the center, i.e. the guests don't have to worry about anything: the equipment is transported, washed and set up by the guides. Fruits are offered between dives, water is available for free on the boat and at the center. After diving, people like to meet at the center for a deco beer.
One of the highlights for divers are the spots around Menjangan Island. The island is part of the West Bali National Park and is only about 50 minutes away by boat. A wonderful variety of corals with richly overgrown cliffs, huge gorgonians and great macro worlds can be admired in Menjangan. Whitetip sharks, barracudas, eagle rays and turtles also drop by from time to time. The water temperature is 28 degrees all year round.
Secret Bay is an absolute must for macro fans and photographers. In the famous "Muck Diving" Bay - about 30 minutes’ drive from the resort - you will find the bizarre curiosities of the sea: nudibranchs of different sizes and colors, ghost pipefish, shrimp and the rare bobbit worm guarantee extraordinary photos and diving experiences!
There is a dive site very close to the center that is home to the colorful mandarin fish that can be seen on sunset dives.
On the species-rich house reef, many microorganisms and an artificial reef project provide very special impressions! The view is a bit limited, but the experience is not! Those who love shrimp will get their money's worth here.
A special feature is the location of the center in north-west Bali. Diving is possible all year round with good conditions. The rainy season isn't a big issue either, as it rarely rains and visibility isn't restricted by any nearby rivers.

Team & Education

Robert Mayr, known for his successful tenure in Tobago / Speyside, take over the management of Extra Divers Gawana-Bali .
From Open Water Diver to Instructor, all courses and common specialties are offered according to SSI and PADI standards.


• Aqua Lung full equipment
• Rental computers
• Boat & house reef diving (daily)
• Jetty just a few meters away from the center
• 12 liter tanks, 15 liters for a surcharge (DIN/INT connection)
• Nitrox for a fee (€ 4 per bottle)

Payment on-site

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