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Egypt / Extra Divers Sharm el Naga

The Extra Divers dive centre is attached to the Viva Blue Sharm el Naga. Anyone wanting to steer clear of huge hotel complexes with their entertainment and packed beaches will feel completely at ease here. The resort’s reef is definitely one of the most beautiful in the Red Sea. Because there has been relatively little diving at these locations in the past, the dive sites around the Sharm el Naga bay are well preserved. Nearby dive sites can be reached quickly and easily by speedboat from our own jetty.

Diving/Dive spots

An untouched local reef in the nature reserve – only a few hundred metres from the popular dive sites Shaab Saiman and Sharm el Rashed – promises dives rich in variety to beginners and advanced divers. The area around the secluded bay at Sharm el Naga, situated between Hurghada and Safaga, has until now been a virtual Sleeping Beauty, and so has been able to conserve its biodiversity optimally under water. Steps on the jetty descend directly onto the resort’s reef, which leads steeply downwards in several stages. Besides crocodile fish, nudibranches and various small creatures, you can also see turtles and rays here. From time to time a whale shark has also been sighted. The tank service (transport of tanks to the entry point) direct to the jetty is just one of the centre’s many amenities.
The dive centre is very well equipped and provides an extensive service. The nearby dive sites are accessed as short trips by speedboat. From Safaga other top dive sites, such as the Panorama Reef and Abu Kafan, are accessed by daily boat.

Team & Education

The dive center is under German-speaking management of Werner Miehe. From "try scuba diving" to diveguide according to SSI standard, PADI to Divemaster and Pro-NRC (Nitrox). We teach in German, English and Arabic. All SSI specialty courses including sidemount, solo diving are offered. We are a small nice team consisting of reception, diving instructors, divemaster, captain and helper. Most team members have been working in the diving industry for a long time, so they have a wealth of experience.


• 2 speedboats
• Nitrox (free for certified divers)
• Aqua Lung equipment hire
• 12 and 15-litre DIN aluminium tanks
• cameras

Payment on-site

Cash in €uro, US$ or Egyptian LE.
For credit card payment (VISA and MasterCard are accepted) plus 2% fee per transaction.

Important Notice: New entertainment tax in Egypt
Unfortunately, the Egyptian parliament quickly, secretly and without warning passed a new type of entertainment tax, which must be paid to the Egyptian tax office from July 16, 2023.
Unfortunately, this amusement tax also applies to all diving services and so we, like all other diving centers on the Red Sea, must pay this tax to the state from July 16, 2023.
The tax rate is 10% on the full invoice amount and unfortunately, we must collect this 10% on the final invoice amount from July 16th. All other taxes such as the statutory sales tax (value add tax) of currently 14%. are still included in our prices.

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