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Tobago / Extra Divers Speyside

Welcome to paradise!
The well-equipped Extra Divers Diving Centre is located right on the sea front at the Nabucco Resort Speyside Inn. Tobago offers divers and holidaymakers a unique backdrop, with tropical rainforest stretching over mountainous slopes, palm trees, small fishing villages, secluded bays and sandy beaches. Here the original Caribbean can still be found, and the impact of tourism remains minimal. But it‘s not just on land that there‘s a lot to discover. The diving sites, too, with their abundant sea life are full of surprises.
Speyside Inn is located on the somewhat rougher Atlantic coast, where divers can experience spectacular drift dives. In total, there are more than 25 diving sites to choose from, which are dived in small groups. The famous „Bookends“, „TD Special“ and „Japanese Gardens“ diving spots are all located directly off the coast of Speyside.
Besides parrotfish, surgeonfish, angelfish and butterflyfish, barracudas and eagle rays – and with a bit of luck even turtles and nurse sharks – can all be spotted. Encounters with groups of the impressive tarpon are also commonplace, and at „Coral Garden“ divers can marvel at the largest known brain coral in the Western hemisphere.

Diving/Dive spots

In the diving mecca of the island of Tobago, up to 4 dives daily (two boat dives, early-morning and night dives on request) to the nearby diving sites on the island‘s Atlantic side around „Little Tobago“ and „Goat Island“ are offered. Many diving sites are in the immediate vicinity or just 10 minutes away by boat. The dives are conducted as drift dives and are selected according to the diving experience of the participants. Small groups are accompanied by a local diving guide. The water temperature is between 25 and 29 degrees all year round.
The diving centre is equipped with every amenity, with guests having access to a large sink, equipment rooms, a training pool and sanitary facilities. A diving boat, especially designed for diving trips in this area, ensures comfortable diving.

Team & Education

The dive center is professional and familial managed. Dive courses according to SSI standards are provided.


• 1 diving boat
• 10 Aqua Lung full equipment sets
• 40x 12-litre aluminium bottles with DIN and INT valves; adapters available
• 4 ZOOP diving computers
• L&W 450 compressor
• Oxygen case and first-aid equipment

Payment on-site

Money can only be changed or pinned at the official banks.
The nearest bank and ATM is in Roxborough (approx. 30 minutes drive from Speyside) but unfortunately it is not always functioning. The best option to get money is the Scotiabank in Scarborough or Crownpoint (60 to 90 minutes drive from Speyside). It is advised to ask the driver that picks you up at the airport to stop at the Scotiabank in Crownpoint (on the route to Speyside) to get money at the ATM.

Some hotels (including The Speyside Inn), car rental companies and (bigger) tour operators accept payment in USD. But all shops, bars and restaurant usually only accept TTD (Trinidad & Tobago dollars). Euros are not commonly accepted (not even at the bank sometimes or at a very unfavourable exchange rate).

Credit cards that are commonly accepted here are Visa & Mastercard (others might be difficult). Traveler Cheques are NOT accepted (also not by the banks).

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