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Dive Safaris Egypt

Travelling Egypt, is travelling a 5000 years old history of pharaohs, pyramids and temple complexes as well as an oriental world with the certain “Arabian Nights”-flair.
Egypt also is the river Nile. This enormous river is the country’s lifeline. A trip on a felucca is an unforgettable experience. The red sea’s submarine world is surely one of the most fascinating diving spots in the world with still a lot of untouched reefs. Egypt is a paradise for both, diving beginners as well as experienced divers. After a short flight you dive in between exquisite reefs with a great variety of fish and excellent visibility. Hotels at the red sea are prepared for divers but there are a lot of other possible activities, including different water sports or wellness.

MS Gelen

... the comfortable yacht for divers on the Red Sea! On the "MS Gelen" diving as well as snorkeling safaris will be an unforgettable experience! The ship travels to the most beautiful places in the Red Sea and promises relaxing days on and under water in a cozy and family-friendly atmosphere.

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MY Red Sea Explorer

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Brace yourself for a liveaboard full of splendor. Starting on 6th of June 2019, the luxurious liveaboard MY Red Sea Explorer will be venturing through the best dive sites in the Red Sea. All popular routes from the famous wrecks of Abu Nuhas in the North, Brother Islands and the southern spots in both the marine park and St John's will be covered in our itineraries.

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