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Friday, April 29, 2016   9:38 AM

Spring fever in Dahab

Spring has returned to Dahab! Temperatures are rising, the water heats up slowly and as a result, the underwater life get out of its hibernation.
Swarms of Fusiliers surrounding the divers, a Napoleon family makes an excursion, Mackerels arranging an excursion , giant turtles can not be interfered while overgrazing the seagrass beds. The Nemos have vigorously taken care for new blood, guarding their eggs vehemently, the egg clutches of the Spanish dancer shining in red splendor throughout the reef. Partner shrimps are pregnant and proudly presenting their eggs in the transparent body and the octopuses get spring fever!
The common octopus (also called kraken) is not going old. In the age of 2, the animals reach sexually maturity, taking strongly care for offspring and thereafter saying goodby from life again.
With sex comes death, actually a nice thought ....

However, one must consider that octopus sex, though quite tenderly, is not really exciting. The male leads his specially converted third left arm (Hectocotylus Jussila) in the females pallial cavity to transmits a capsule filled with sperm. After an explosive bursting of the capsule, the sperms are released to fertilize the females eggs.

Thus, both are sitting next to each other for hours with eyes closed and can even not be disturbed by the annoying videographers.

The vying for the females may be harsh sometimes, documented by an impressive film of our diving guest Ahmet Kucuk last week.

Best regards from Dahab,

Silvie, Rene and their team

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