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Monday, May 2, 2016   11:16 AM

Sifah - sensational

Ras Abu Daud, a dive site providing steep faces as well as coral gardens, was once again really amazing us. Incredible, what Sebatian and his guests experienced at their visit: “We dived on the northern part of the wall and then a little bit into the blue. Many times we were not disappointed and highlights passed, but a swarm of eagle rays to this extend, we couldn’t ever expect, it was just outstanding! "
The diving area around the base Extra Divers Sifah Oman are currently offering a great visibility and this opportunity is used to make spots like Ras Abu Daud or Fahal Island even more spectacular. Tuna, cuttlefish and rays, rays, rays. Even the small highlights like sea horses and beautiful snails present themselves to the enthusiastic observers.
It is one again really worth, visiting the Oman theses days!

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