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Tuesday, January 4, 2022   9:23 AM

Impressive diversity in Oman

Whether on land or under water: Oman knows how to make a lasting impression at any time!
The variety is simply impressive and due to the different locations Oman offers, the sultanate is an incredibly diverse travel destination.

The north with its karst landscapes traversed by inlets, the area around the capital Muscat with old, unspent Arab culture and modern infrastructure, as well as the south with green oases in the middle of the desert.

Underwater Oman offers just as much - if not more: an unimaginable biodiversity and rarely seen size of fish and schools of all kinds.
Huge schools of bottlenose dolphins, a large, local population of humpback whales, whale sharks and, by the way, various rays and of course one or the other shark. You will definitely never get bored under water.

In addition, there is a very pleasant climate in winter.
The south in particular is worth a trip to escape the German winter:
At 30°C on land and 25°C plus in the water, it is quite bearable!

In addition to our liveaboard MY Oman Explorer we are perfectly set up with our 4 diving centers and have something to offer for everyone!

Right now Oman is a very safe travel destination and anyone who wants to escape the cold can get more information Booking partners all the time.

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