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Thursday, June 16, 2016   9:18 AM

Underwater Spanish:Lession 1

It began 3 weeks ago – swarms of Tunas passing El Hierro, that big, that even the fishermen of Gomera came over, to assure their part of the loot.
As in our marine park only local fishermen are allowed to go for traditional fishing (no net, dolphin friendly) there are so many Tunas remaining . So it happens sometimes, that – during a dive- suddenly a 2 metre Peto is crossing 2 groups of divers. Further, also the “intruders” from Gomera are gone again ;-)

Just a week later, our guests sat comfortably on the roof terrace with a glass of wine, not thinking of anything, to be suddenly bothered by 2 whales –diligently blowing out air, directly above our underwater volcano “El Bajon”. One of the old fishermen is telling me a liitle later at the dog walk very excited and with shining eyes that they are back: the "Ballenas".

Last but not least, as if all that were not yet enough, today we have been visited by 5 Mantas and two eagle rays at El Salto - where we just wanted through the caves and canyons dive to visit the school of Barracudas ...
Result: Dula and her team are really curious how long it would take the diving world to wake up and conquer this paradise on the Canary Islands. Furthermore, she learned 4 new words for my Spanish / Canario vocabulary: Peto - White Tuna; Ballena - Wal; Raton - eagle rays; Manta - Manta .... ok, this is not really new ... ;-)

I am looking forward to show you “my” Canary Island,


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