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Monday, October 19, 2015   4:09 PM

The Liburan Paradise Declares Some Mysteries!

There always comes a little "test your knowledge" mood when tour guide and marine biologist Barney reports from our safari ship "Liburan Paradise".
The area around the 399 islands of South Halmahera is for him a reservoir full of curious creatures; not only the big players such as manta rays and sharks are constant diving companions, but also bizarre critters abound at several dive sites!
And exactly this is the extraordinary appeal of these tours! The mix of manta places, schools of fish in the flow channels, patrolling sharks on intact reefs and extraordinary creatures in black sand is certainly unique and worth seeing; a diving safari of unequaled magnitude!

Here are a few examples of the mysterious figures, with which Barry makes us so envious!
As a tip: "Rhinopias aphanes", among others; in plain English—great algae eater, which we naturally recognized immediately! (The fuzzy one!)

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