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Monday, February 15, 2016   2:09 PM

Seahorses in Extra Divers Makadi Bay house reef

The new house reef of our Extra Divers Dive Center in Makadi Bay Cleopatra Luxury Resort is delighting our guests with numerous seahorses, these days. From very small to stately ones: everything is represented. Also turtles show up at most of the house reef dives, other residents are ghost pipefish, batfish, different types of mackerel and much, much more. Even a winged horse fish has been spotted.
Frequently, also various kinds of rays, such as guitar sharks, cowtail stingray, eagle rays and naturally blue point rays are coming over to visit the house reef.

A very special encounter had our instructor Heike with her students today, also while diving the house reef. Without being shy at all, a dolphin cam up at arm’s length zoom, circled around the divers and watched them, before he swam slowly away: An amazing first dive!

Our guests are fascinated as our new house reef of Extra Divers Makadi Bay in the Cleopatra Luxury Resort has so much to offer, even our long-standing regular guests are delighted by the diversity and the intact coral formations.

Its really well worth a visit, we are looking forward to welcome you!

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