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Tuesday, March 15, 2016   3:46 PM

Planet Scuba – powered by Extra Divers!

Tested and found to be excellent! Extra Divers Worldwide is pleased to have another partner center endowed with the Manta logo.
Partners Manuel Huber and Markus Teupe, along with the team at Planet Scuba Mexico, have passionately devoted themselves to cenote diving in Mexico's jungle. A special world that fascinates every dedicated diver in its uniqueness and represents an entirely new dimension of diving!
Enter into a world full of stalactites and stalagmites, hovering in such clear water that it seems invisible, with unreal lighting effects that are beautiful and enchanting; brought to you in perfection by Planet Scuba Mexico – powered by Extra Divers!
One notices the two owners enthusiasm for diving in this eccentric underwater world! The highest level of safety combined with a very personal commitment before, during, and after the dives, makes for a spectacular and memorable experience as you descend into the underworld of the Riviera Maya Systems! They manage to offer completely safe and exciting dives to less experienced divers, too! Those who want variety when diving in the Caribic are in exactly the right place here.
The “après diving” is structured in great detail at the broadminded center. One can discuss, laugh and learn there. Markus is TDI and IANTD Stage Cave & Full Cave Instructor and ranks among the best in the industry. So those who want to “deeply dive into the material”, in the truest sense of the word, will find the correct contact person here!
Thanks to its “Happy Hour”, the adjacent restaurant provides the necessary supply of beer, cocktails and guacamole!
Also in the choice of accommodation, have the two carefully researched. The community “Puerto Aventuras” offers a clean, quiet and safe stay on Mexico's Caribbean coast. Guests have a great selection of beautiful apartments and high quality hotels. In the evening people meet at the restaurant strip, where there is no shortage of culinary choices.
We have of course prepared a special treat for Extra Divers Members, as Member Cards are recognized at the center and the usual discounts apply!
There are also discounts for bookings with Travel Center Federsee, a complete travel program to Planet Scuba―culture, round trip and beach vacation included.
Extra Divers Worldwide is pleased to welcome Planet Scuba as its partner!

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