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Tuesday, February 4, 2020   8:17 AM

On the trail of the Walking Shark with the Maluku Explorer

Best of all, there are still very few safari ships in the area, which belongs to the Indonesian Moluccas.

Nestled between Sulawesi and Raja Ampat, the wonderful diving area has so far been almost completely spared from tourism. Most of the diving grounds are completely untouched, with beautiful hard coral gardens and densely overgrown steep walls. Everything is possible here, from leisurely dives to rapid drift dives. Curious blacktip sharks can be seen on almost every dive. Gray sharks, buffalo-headed parrotfish, Napoleons, mackerel and barracudas are also found in the current-filled canals.

If you are enthusiastic about macro life, you will get your money's worth at the species-rich reefs and the various muck dive sites, some with black sand. Pygmy seahorses, rocking fish, colorful nudibranchs, whimsical shrimps, ghost whistles and angler fish all offer great photo opportunities.

The rare walking shark is particularly common during night dives. The endemic Halmahera Walking Shark, which belongs to the family of bamboo sharks, was long undiscovered and was only scientifically described in 2013! The cute spotted guy is usually only a meter long and lives up to his name when he uses his broad pelvic fins to walk along the ocean floor.

All in all, Halmahera is an area with a lot to discover. Benefit quickly from the attractive trade fair specials. For the following departures with our Maluku Explorer there es 20% discount: 07.03.2020 // 05.04.2020 // 16.05. // 26.05.2020 // 27.08.2020

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