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Tuesday, June 9, 2015   4:56 PM

Nunukan explores new dive area!

Karang Muaras
New and exclusive, since spring 2015, we provide half day trips to the Muaras Atoll, located in the South.The islands Mataha and Bilangbilangan which belong to the Muaras Atoll are already protected for a long time.
On these islands, patrolled by rangers sponsored by the Turtle Foundation, since then every year half a million of young turtles are born. The rangers patrol also chased away the illegal fishing (dynamite fishing, shark finning, trawling). The Muaras Atoll, with its 288km² reef area, provides one of the most divert coral reef in the world and is the home of more than 400 different hard corals. Also small stuff, many different kinds of sharks, rays and tunas are often seen here. Quite regularly we have dolphins joining our boat on the 30 minute speed boat tript . Where else in the world you can dive an area with 288km² reef without seeing any other dive boat around??
Another quite good reason to have the Nabucco’s Nunukan Island Resort on the agenda for an amazing vacation!

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