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Tuesday, February 11, 2020   11:17 AM

New Specialty-Courses at Extra Divers Fayrouz

So that divers can continue to experience the different marine life in its full splendor in the future, our base is committed to the sustainable use of the ocean as part of the SSI Blue Oceans Movement. With new specialty courses, such as Coral-ID and Marine Ecology, we draw our guests' attention to the needs of this fragile habitat.

The new special courses fascinate with surprising insights into the emergence of ecosystems and their complex interplay. The Sea Turtle Ecology Specialty course delights large and small turtle fans who explore the habitats and migration paths of the gentle beings and document them with their cameras. Do you want to get to know the tricks of the professionals and know where shy gobies hide, turtles lie down or how corals slip into their most colorful costumes? Then head to Egypt for the Extra Divers Fayrouz !

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