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Monday, January 11, 2016   10:54 AM

Management and Location Change In Makadi Bay

Dear guests of Extra Divers Makadi Bay,
As you probably already know, Extra Divers Makadi Bay has relocated from Madinat Makadi to the directly adjacent Cleopatra Luxury Resort.
The center there is perfect for your needs, all the spacious rooms are well furnished, and the familiar team is looking forward to welcoming you in our new home.
Not only the center has improved, but we have also found two truly first-class vacation homes for you, both 5-stars! Namely, the Cleopatra Luxury Resort Makadi Bay and its integrated "adult only" Cleopatra Beach Hotel, which offers cozy rooms with excellent food—spacious grounds, super service, and a generous beach awaits you.

After the stressful moving and set up, Sandra and Jens would like to take a break after 7 years service. Their long over due and certainly well deserved vacation will start on January 1, 2016.
Extra Divers, as well as Sandra and Jens, agree however that there will be a reunion sometime, somewhere on this diverse planet for divers.

Sandra & Jens: "After more than 7 years at Makadi Bay, it's now time to say 'goodbye'. Especially in the last years of the "Arab Spring", it was often not easy to run a business in Egypt, but with the help of our sensational teams we could end a difficult day with a smile and begin the next day anew. Thanks to you, Egypt became a second home for us. THANKS for everything!
We have certainly enjoyed ourselves and would like to thank Extra Divers, our super team, and last but not least, our loyal guests who helped us to realize our dream of a life under the sun, in the "Land of the Pharaohs". As the saying goes, and often experienced, "In life, you always meet twice"—we are excited about where and when that time will be. Many thanks to all our friends and guests who have accompanied and supported us in the last few years and ... Farewell! Sandra and Jens".
Extra Divers would like to thank Sandra & Jens for their excellent cooperation in recent years and their associated commitment. We wish Sandra & Jens all the best and a lot of fun in their world exploration and we hope to see you again in order to pursue new projects together.
Extra Divers is very pleased to place the managing of the center in the hands of two individuals who are certainly well-known and popular with our guests: Marie Moser and Ramadan "Rami" Saleh.
Marie has been with Extra Divers Makadi for two-and-a-half-years. As far as Rami is concerned, he's more like inventory—has faithfully supported the center since its conception in 1998.
Congratulations to Marie and Rami, much success to you both!

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