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Tuesday, July 12, 2016   3:15 PM

Liburan Paradise: Guests discovered a new kind of morays

The diving area Halmahera, in the middle of the famous Indonesian coral triangle, is since many years considered as one of the best and most biologically diverde fishing grounds in the world by enthusiastic divers!
Since here - located auspiciously between the Moluccas and Lembeh - only the Liburan Paradise is cruising, nature can develop freely! And it does so to the delight of our guests, this is confirmed now: a new kind of morays was discovered!

During a twilight dive on a new dive site, our guests on the Liburan Paradise were able to observe a mooray: small, about 50 cm long, but – due to the tentacles, situated above the eyes – remarkably attractive!
At the small, mostly uninhabited islands between Halmahera and Bacan in the North Molukkas, there is a channel rich of current, which allows an unique biodiversity of coral reefs, providing many surprises fort he visitors. In the protected and calm bays, there is usually black sand, inviting for night dives to observe critter: as the little moray.
After many emails and contacting the famous fish specialists around the world, we can now be sure that it is an undescribed and even completely unknown moray. On the following trips more of these animals could still be observed in the bay.

The Liburan Paradise is not only promising unique diving with expedition character: Thanks to our marine biologists and tour guide Barney Seier, Halmahera keeps its promises again and again an impressively!

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