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Wednesday, October 10, 2018   9:43 AM

Indonesia: earthquake, tsunami and volcanic eruption

Dear guests,

with reference to the earthquake, tsunami and volcanic eruption of the Soputan on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi, we can inform you that the following dive centres are not affected by these natural disasters. We are in close contact with our local dive centers and always receive news first-hand.

Liveaboard Maluku Explorer
The schedule of the Maluku Explorer was in no way affected by the earthquake in Palu or the Soputan volcanic eruption. The Halmehera region is more than 1000km away from the tsunami area. All tours take place as planned. Our guests can look forward to diversified dives with many sharks and macro highlights!

Islands in the Maratua Atoll: Nabucco, Nunukan, Virgin Cocoa
On our three islands and the Maratua Atoll no effects of the volcano or the earthquake were felt. The Maratua Atoll is a coral atoll located several thousand kilometres from the affected regions. Due to the topography of the area, severe tsunamis in this area are unlikely.

Extra Divers Naya Gawana - Bali
The Extra Divers centre in north-eastern part of Bali was unaffected by the earthquake and volcano. Our centre is in greatest possible distance to the volcano. The airports in Bali and Lombok are open at the moment and all flights are scheduled as planned. In case the airport in Bali would be closed, there would be the possibility to take a flight from Java (from Surabaya or Banyuwangi). Java can be reached by ferry easily.

Cape Paperu Resort
The small resort on the Moluccas is very far away, the distance to the affected region is more than 1000km. Also, the island is a coral island, not a volcanic island. So there is no impact at all and the Cape Paperu Resort team is looking forward to your visit!

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