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Wednesday, April 20, 2016   10:56 AM

If ones not changing with the time, he will be changed by the time!

Since some years, the diving community has agreed that for some divers it is no longer sufficient to dive with only one tank and the tendency is that –step by step - the sport provides more amenities concerning the equipment and the courses.
Accordingly, as of late, we are providing the courses Sidemount diving, as well as Independent diving, along with the latest equipments of our partner Aqualung, respectively Apeks.

A great advantage of sidemount diving is that, due to having one tank on each site, that it is perfectly suitable for divers with back pains as they don’t have to carry a tank on their bags anymore. Another benefit is, that one is able to take the double air volume under water, just in case that a dive may take a little longer. The main advantage could be, that you are streamlined as due to special jackets you are able to put the tanks in front of you: perfect for cave divining, as –like this- one is coming easily even through the smallest loopholes.
During a test week in the Easter holidays –supported by our partner Aqualung – we had many interested guests testing the system free of charge.

Our instructors will be glad to train you according to SSI-standards to show you the advantages of the new courses.
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