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Thursday, April 19, 2018   2:47 PM

EXTRA DIVERS Rihiveli closed!

Statement of dive center management Ana, Guillaume and Jules:

Extra Divers Rihiveli closed!

“After a sudden and unexpected change in the management of Rihiveli that happened on Monday night, we have been informed yesterday that the contract with Extra Divers is terminated.

The so called new management has no lease contract of the island and no operation license but still we were given 24h to vacate the premises and leave the island.
Sadly, this happened in a very inappropriate, rude and unlawful way: We were told if we don’t leave the island immediately, they will throw away all the diving center equipment.
Luckily we managed to get off the island in time with most of our dive center equipment but so far we don’t know what will happen next or where we are going to stay...

At the moment there are lots of scuba divers on Rihiveli which unfortunately can’t go diving anymore.
We deeply regret that Rihiveli has at the moment no operating dive center, has not been able to offer alternate solution, and that we had to leave our guests behind. The new “management” has not informed us of their plans for the future.

We want to take this occasion to thank all the divers we have met and shared fantastic moments with these past years.
The experience of Extra Divers Rihiveli has been a wonderful one, and we sincerely hope that there will be a bright future for this so special place !

We are hoping to have the occasion to see you all again, somewhere around the world !
Your Extra Divers Rihiveli Team

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