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Thursday, September 27, 2018   9:08 AM

Extra Divers Makadi Bay - Marine Biology Week

As part of the International Year of Reef 2018 takes place at the Extra Divers Makadi Bay from 17.10. until 24.10.2018 a marine biology week with the marine biologists Peter van Treeck and Barney Seier instead.

There are offered:

• Twice daily guided dives with Peter and Barney
(Cooperation in the further construction of the artificial reef is possible)

• Daily lectures on the following topics:
- Hard corals - the most successful builders of the earth
- Conus snails - from the myth to the hope of pharmacy
- Paradise in Crisis - Coral Reefs in (Climate) Change
- The acidification of the oceans
- Artificial reefs made of electricity and chicken wire - Plans, patches and prostheses
- cartilaginous fish
- symbioses
- crustaceans
- bonefish

• Special Course Marine Biology
CMAS certification, 2 dives & theory briefing

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