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Monday, November 11, 2019   9:14 AM

Extra Divers Equinox: Artificial reefs for sea creatures

The Extra Divers Dive Center is located on the grounds of Three Corners Equinox Resort, right on the beachfront of a sprawling bay. Divers will get their money's worth, because they can choose between house reef diving and trips by zodiac, minibus or day boat to the most beautiful dive sites in southern Egypt.

The house reef has recently been waiting with a new attraction, thanks to the wealth of ideas and craftsmanship of the base team: A car wreck and a special grid construction made of steel as artificial reef skeletons new habitat for various marine life. And many fish and microorganisms have already moved into the new dwelling.

But the diverse reef has much more to offer. Seagrass beds, sandy areas and coral blocks are home to shrimps, pipefish and moray eels as well as turtles and rays. Even the famous manatees have discovered the house reef for themselves and with a bit of luck will stop by for a meal.

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