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Wednesday, June 10, 2020   1:27 PM

Extra Divers El Hierro will reopen in July

The small island is the perfect place for a safe and relaxing diving holiday. In the middle of March, extremely strict measures were introduced in Spain, which also applied to El Hierro. Almost all flight and ferry connections to the Canary Islands were cancelled and there was a curfew. The positive outcome: just one Corona case that has been recovering for a long time. Now the island is corona free!

El Hierro is the smallest and the westernmost of the Canary Islands. Located on the same latitude as Sharm El Sheikh, the island combines great diving in warm water with the family service of Extra Divers. The gem is described as one of the best diving areas in Europe.

The Extra Divers center is located right on the pier of the port of La Restinga. Of course, there are also some safety and hygiene requirements to be observed when reopening. For divers, this means, among other things, that everything stays the same in the water and that there are now smaller groups on the way to the dive site.

Diving takes place in the diving area of the marine park and along the southeastern coast of El Hierro. Each of the over 25 dive sites looks different. There are lava flows, magma tubes and impressive rock formations. Divers can encounter lots of shrimps, crabs and lobsters in the numerous cracks and caves. Giant groupers majestically patroll the waters. Do not miss a dive at the top spot "El Bajón". The steep walls of the legendary underwater mountain drop guratee an unique diving experience.

If you have any questions regarding travel tips, diving package or apartment bookings, please contact our dive center manager Dula:

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