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Wednesday, July 22, 2020   9:48 AM

El Quseir, Malta, Gozo and El Hierro: Successful premiere in July!

Extra Divers El Quseir

In southern Egypt, divers are currently benefiting from dream conditions: many hotels are still closed and only a few diving centers are operating. You won't find any hustle and bustle on the reefs, on the contrary: many juveniles frolic in El Quadim Bay and also one or the other larger caliber passes by. Our Extra Divers center in the Mövenpick Resort is located away from large hotel complexes on a wonderful house reef, perfect for those looking for peace and relaxation. The airline Edelweiss has been offering regular flights from Switzerland to Egypt again since the beginning of July.

Extra Divers El Hierro

El Hierro is also slowly awakening from its slumber. The island is still corona-free since very strict health measures were implemented at the beginning of the pandemic. You won't find large hotel complexes here, instead, personal service is very important. Divers are extremely happy at the moment about warm water temperatures without a thermocline, empty bays and varied top spots with large groupers and small critters.

Extra Divers Malta & Gozo

The horses are loose on Malta and Gozo ... No, not above water, but well camouflaged in the green sea grass below the surface. If you look closely, you can take great photos home with you. But there are also excellent conditions for wreck dives: crystal-clear water and only a few divers around. Our guests are thrilled because the island capacities are still at a very low level. In addition to diving, there are also several sightseeing activities that can be undertaken.

Extra Divers Worldwide
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