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Wednesday, March 2, 2016   10:44 AM

Dahab@Saman: a small summary

In February, 15 regulars from Dahab and 3 other visitors, explored the Hallaniyat Islands in Southern Oman with the Saman Explorer.

Here are some comments after up to 21 dives in one week:

"All of the well-known fish in the Red Sea are somehow bigger here."
"One gets used to the restricted visibility remarkably quickly."
"Here, a swarm means more than 100,000 fish."
"Dining on the Saman should definitely not be underestimated."
"Laced morays are boring."
"Here, we have the little relatives of mandarinfish!"
"Can we maybe make five dives a day?"
"The light was poor, so many fish were above me."
"You dive from the ship ;P...then as always, the inflatable boat picks you up.”
"I have discovered an unknown Blennie!"
"Current, what current, was there a current?"

We had fun.
Thanks to Karim and the Saman Explorer team.

René (on behalf of the 15 Dahab divers)

Starting 19 March, Sylvie2 will be a guide on the Saman for 3 weeks. Those interested in learning about the underwater world of Southern Oman: there are still some places available on the tour from 26 March through 2 April!

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