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Wednesday, December 21, 2016   4:25 PM

Crab invasion!

Just about a month ago we had an amazing spawning by our thousands of female red crabs
and now we are lucky enough to welcome back the little guys from their amazing ocean journey.
They are hitting the island literally in waves!

Thousands upon thousands of the transparent crabs are washing up on the coastline of
Christmas Island as if someone threw bags of confetti in the water. The rocks along the beaches
appear light pink from afar and as you get closer you realise the whole surface
is crawling with these little critters.

Underwater divers are getting covered with these little crabs, who instinctively grab on to any surface.
It's a once in a lifetime experience to have the tiny crabs swarm around you throughout the
entire dive.

Now we are eagerly awaiting these little crabs' number one predator - the whale shark!
Let's keep our fingers crossed that these giants move in over the next weeks to gulp down
these little guys!


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