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Dive with us - Extra Divers Worldwide


Wednesday, June 8, 2016   12:45 PM

Attention to details

Spectacular at the Extra Divers Ghalib are usually the encounters with large fish such as sharks, mantas & Co. But: Just as impressive, are often the small creatures. There are even divers, taking a magnifying glass with diving; but there is no necessary need.

One of the fascinating, little critters at the Extra Divers Ghalib is the partner shrimp, existing in various versions. With a size of 2cm, they are also easy to find without a magnifying glass, you just need to know where to look and to look carefully. On the picture, a Clown partner shrimp is shown. This one lives in a symbiosis with an anemone. Other types in similar sizes are transparent and more common. So next time you see an anemone fish - also often called Nemo – take a more intensive look at the related Anemone: maybe you discovered the partner shrimps like this.
Otherwise, our guides are looking forward of course, to show you all the "small stuff"!

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