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Tuesday, January 21, 2020   2:30 PM

ADTO seal of quality for the Red Sea Explorer

At this year's InterDive in Frankfurt our Red Sea Explorer is one of three ships with the important ADTO seal.

The “Association of Dive Tour Operators e.V.” is an interest group made up of 19 dive tour operators who test their products according to selected criteria to ensure quality and safety for their customers on the trip. Many points such as safety, equipment and sustainability have to be met in order for a safari ship, a diving center or resort to be awarded the quality label. The criteria necessary to receive this award have been set very high. More information about the criteria at:

The Red Sea Explorer is one of the most modern and safest safari ships in the Red Sea. In addition to the latest technology, special emphasis was placed on excellent safety devices. For example, guests receive an ENOS transmitter that easily locates abused divers. There is a defibrillator on board and all windows of the lower deck cabins are equipped with safety glass and an emergency hammer so that they could serve as an escape route.

The Extra Divers team is very happy about the award. Our Red Sea Explorer is currently dry dock and will soon shine in new splendor for the next season. We look forward to accompanying guests to the most beautiful diving spots in the Red Sea again soon!

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