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Monday, May 9, 2016   7:54 AM

A Dugong in Port Ghalibs harbour

If one took a look to the harbour of Port Ghalib in the last few days, he was able to see a very special “guest”: We were visited from a Dugong – also known as Manatee.
In the area of Port Ghalib, we have 3 dive sites, where the divers may observe Dugongs and of course, the 3 are frequently on the agenda of Extra Divers Ghalib.

When the water is clear, the impressive animals are often coming close to the divers out of curiosity, looking for a contact! As their curiosity is satisfied, the Dugong is usually swimming away, zigzagging, to have always one eye directed to the recently scanned objects.

Even though these animals look ponderous, they may quickly move underwater. A dugong may grow up to three meters and reach a weight of 400 kg.

The team of Extra Divers Ghalib is looking forward to show you the impressive animals!

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