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Friday, April 17, 2020   9:11 AM

A calm April in Malta

Here are a few lines from our dive centre management Valerija and Gorden.

With the current restrictions, be it social distancing, travel restrictions or business closures - public life has come to a complete standstill in many places. As well in Malta.

We have decided to make good use of this time and look forward positively. We hope that everyone will learn something from this situation and deal sustainably with this knowledge and implement it in thoughtful action. Because nature seems to be happy, whales off Sicily, dolphins are regularly sighted in the Mediterranean again, Venice's canals are clear and on the other side of the earth the Himalayas can be seen without smog for the first time in 30 years ... Will people rethink?

As well here in Malta there are currently many measures and restrictions due to the COVID-19 location. All shops are currently closed, except for supermarkets, garden centers with pet supplies and pharmacies. The supply is fully guaranteed in any case, there is everything in the supermarkets that you need for everyday life, and much more. The schools are now even closed until after the summer holidays, meaning until the end of September. The hotels, restaurants and bars are all still closed. You can be in groups of up to three people outdoors - except for the risk groups (over 65 years, pregnant, chronically ill, or immunosuppressed).

Now there is plenty of time in all the "stress" to enjoy the insanely beautiful nature of Malta, in full bloom and peace. Time to take care of the animals on land and to make sure that the animals do not have to starve on the streets. In Marfa Bay around the Extra Divers Malta base, four-legged hotel security is well taken care of and regularly fed ...

With kind regards from Malta from Valerija and Gorden"

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