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Indonesien - Manta

Indonesia is a big, versatile and beautiful country with more than 17.000 island, which are spread over 5000 km of the tropical, equatorial ocean. With it’s position in between Asia and Australia, Indonesia is the biggest archipelago of the world. The main islands are Bali, Kalimantan, Sulawesi and Westpapua.
If your would put a map of Indonesia on top of a map of Europe, Indonesia would spread from London to Moskow and from Ireland to the Caspian Sea. On this range of land and sea there are hundreds of volcanoes smoldering, which created a rich vegetation on the islands. Green rice terraces the smoking mountains and bright white beaches blend in the blue sea. Huge rainforests and dense mangroves protect the country’s impressive flora and fauna.
Today Indonesia with a population of approximately 210 millions of people is the country with the forth most population in the world. The country is a home for over 300 ethnicities. There are hundreds of different languages and dialects. This diversity is the result of Indonesia’s history and it’s geographical position. Over more than 2000 years, it was always close to the main international trading routes. All major religions and cultures influenced the archipelago.
The diving spots in Indonesia are among the best you can experience under water. Uncountable numbers of reefs and richness in species are waiting for divers. Furthermore every region has it’s own attraction and it’s endemic animal and fishspecies, which you can explore. A lot of spots are far away so you actually do some pioneer work and unique experiences off the mass tourism are guaranteed.
The national motto of Indonesia is: „Bhinneka Tunggal Ika“, which means “entity is diversity” and this is valid above and under water.

Virgin Cocoa - Tropical Hideaway Island

Bungalow Terrasse Virgin Cocoa

L'île de Virgin Cocoa est un paradis pour les plongeurs, les plongeurs et les yogis. Les cours de yoga ont lieu tous les matins et tous les soirs. Un pont en bois de 1,3 km relie Virgin Cocoa à l'île voisine de Nunukan, l'île voisine de Nabucco...

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