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Plongée Safari / Maluku Explorer


In South-West Halmahera, part of the Northern Moluccas of Indonesia, there is only one Live-aboard offering various itineraries all year round - the Maluku Explorer! After a comprehensive refurbishment and renovation, guests can now enjoy comfort and great service on board while experiencing a hidden corner of Indonesia.
The comfortable liveaboard is spoiling its guests since the summer of 2011 in South Halmahera. At 34 meters in length, almost 8 meter wide and with three decks the Maluku Explorer is discovering the unspoiled areas of Northern Sulawesi and the Northern Moluccas.
With beautiful spacious master cabins, one large premium cabin on the upper decks and cozy double cabins on the lower deck, the boat offers a good selection of accommodation for couples and dive buddies and the two affordable single cabins are a great choice for single travelers who prefer to have a bit more privacy.
With plenty of room on the dive deck, a beautiful lounge on the salon deck and the new sun deck with sunbeds, the new Maluku Explorer will enchant you.

Equipment and Cabines

The Maluku Explorer was built from divers for divers so it's spacious compared to other Live-aboards you may know and provides different kinds of rooms. All nine cabins are equipped with air conditioning and bathroom with shower / toilet.
On the main deck there are two master cabins, the very large premium cabin is located on the upper deck. On the lower deck 4 double cabins were accomodated with each two single beds and 2 single cabins.
On the upper deck there is a sun deck and a lounge (air conditioned) with comfortable sitting areas, TV and DVD player. In the dining area, meals are enjoyed at several tables.
The dive deck is very spacious (45 sqm) and also provides a huge camera table for photographers and charging stations.
On the dive deck you'll find a toilet with freshwater shower, 2 freshwater showers outside, a freshwater rinsetank and airgun for your camerahousings.


Full board. Coffee, tea and water are included.
Three meals are offered in buffet style every day, and there are snacks and fresh fruit.
Most meals are a combination of Indonesian, Chinese and Western cuisine.
A larger variety of drinks, fruit juices, as well as beer and wine are available for purchase.
For coffee fans, we'll offer you every day a selection of fine Indonesian coffees which are actually one of the best in the world.

Historique des Itinéraires

The diving with the Maluku Explorer is located in an area that is only accessible for a little amount of divers in the North Moluccas: South-West Halmahera.
The turns usually start in Labuha or Ternate, a few begin in Bitung / Lembeh and reach the areas Halmahera within two days, where in the middle of the Molucca Sea on or way to Halmahera we'll offer you also some fantastic dives.
The area of Halmahera comprises 399 islands and has scarcely been visited by divers.

We offer our guest some possibilities to do landtours.
You can join an official landtour organized by the local Tourism Department and visit a former rubber plantation, an ancient Portugese fortress, a gemstone manufacturing and last but not least a visit at a local market.
This area ist well known since centuries for it's spicies.
Or you just have a look at a village with 250 inhabitants, we decided to support this village so they built a school, a First-Aid-station and a well.
Feel free to bring some gifts. We recommend some usefull stuff like papers and pens for the kids, also some toys like soap bubbles.
Please avoid of bringing sweets because most of the time it's wrapped in plastic and this will have an impact to this village and its environment.

Some of the dives are therefore still true exploration dives. In this area there are breathtaking cliffs and overhangs that are overgrown with stunning corals. The character of the dive sites will vary every day. From small to big stuff you'll see reef slope diving, wall diving and you'll explore amazing under water landscapes, might it be a pinnacle or huge under water rockformations.
The magnificent coral diversity is home to a multitude of small creatures such as pygmy seahorses, blue ringed octopus, hairy octopus, flamboyant cuttlefish, nudiebranches and crustaceans Every dive our guides will show you the astonishing variety of small creatures which is Indonesia world-famous for. Nudiebranches in all colour variations, pipefish and other critters are waiting for your exploration.

But don't forget to mention the enormous amount of big stuff waiting for you nearly every dive like reef sharks, Napoleon wrasse, schools of butterfly fish, bat fish, surgeonfish, longfin bannerfish, hump head parrot fish families passing by and from time to time nice visits from eagle rays, mobulas and, with a little luck on your site, Manta rays. We also have two spots where you have a fair chance to spot a huge school of adult and healthy barracudas.

We discovered not so long ago a dive site which we called 'Manta Bay'. Of course we can not guarantee that you'll see them but 8 out of ten trips we spot them. Best season for this amazing creatures is September / October. With luck you can encounter the rare Epaulette shark, which was formaly known to live only in Raja Ampat, during our night dives.

The biodiversity in this area is amazing and impressive so you'll be flashed by huge and healthy hard- and softcoral gardens colourized by sponges in all sizes and colours. No El Ninjo nor Tsunamis destroyed these reefs and we take care that only traditional fishery is made to preserve these amazing spots.

The route in Southern Halmaheras is often flexible during a liveaboard on the Maluku Explorer. Of course, there is a rough plan on where to go, but the weather is the main factor that decides exactly how the route will finally look during a trip. The adjacent map is a possible course, but includes almost all the top spots that are approached on almost every tour! Please note: The map shows a tour from Labuha to Ternate. Upcoming tours can take place from/to Labuah.

Opérations de plongée

3-4 dives are offered daily. You should have a minimum of 50 dives and be aware and prepared that we can encounter strong currents. Check the moon calendar, but if you do a two week trip you will have new moon or full moon phases and strong currents will occur, therefor the big stuff is coming out.

Before each dive, an English-language briefing by the Indonesian dive guides will take place. Responsible individual diving in buddy system is not a problem with adequate experience after talking to the Tour management. Normally your group will join one of three experienced Indonesian Guides which are proud and enthusiastic to show you their pristine under water world.

During your time on board you won't need to take care of your equipment anymore.
We take care for everything from re-filling your tank to rinsing your equipment at the and of the trip.


  • First aid: emergency kit, oxygen, defibrillator
  • Safety: Fire extinguisher, life jackets, life rafts
  • Navigation: VHF Marine Radio, GPS, Echo Sounder
  • satellite phone

Technical Data

  • Build in: 2011
  • Length: 34 m
  • Width: 7.7 m
  • Engine: CUMMINS NT855, 2 x 500 hp
  • Generator: PERKINS, 2 x 70 Kw
  • Power: 110 & 220 volt
  • Compressor: 2 EV with 450l/min + LW Nitrox membrane
  • Fuel Capacity: 13,000 liters
  • Water capacity: 32.000 liters
  • Tanks: 25 x 12L ALU
  • Valves: DIN and INT
  • 2 speedboats: Yamaha 40 hp
  • Check in time: 15:00, Check out time: 9:00
  • Nitrox ( for a fee, prior reservation)

Règlement sur place

Payment only in cash (US$ and €)

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