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Dive with us - Extra Divers Worldwide

Indonesia / Extra Divers Cape Paperu

Extra Divers dive center is attached to ‚Nabucco’s Cape Paperu Resort‘ and provides a small boutique, a workshop a drying room and cleaning pools.
The dive center is closed during the monsoon in Saparu from July to August.

For further information please use the email address info@extradivers.org

Plongée/Sites de plongée

Diving is always from boat and guided, even on the long house reef. No entry from the bay or the jetty, no non-limit diving. No matter if you are diving on the house reef or even on speed boat trips to some spots more afar: There will be a top spot for divers of all experiences!
It starts with the macros, that take ones breath away, big-fish around you almost every time, crystal clear water offers a great view to see faultless, unaffected reefs…!
Extra Divers dive centre is managed by Kurt Gross, who offers you –due to his exceptionally knowledge of the dive sides- absolutely extraordinary experiences under water.
Like this, almost every request, every wish may be converted to reality; light bulb moments are often given at famous dive spots like around the islands Saparua, Molana, Nusa Laut and Haruku, all between 15 and 45 minutes afar.
To meet the manatees at the house reef or to marvel the crossing humpback whales: there are spectacle diving experiences for everyone.


  • 12 l aluminum tanks
  • DIN and INT adaptors available
  • Equipment rental
  • first aid kits and oxygen at the dive centre and the boats
  • 2 dive boats for 6-8 divers each
  • 1 small dive boat for 4-5 divers
  • work shop
  • Boutique
  • Nitrox for a surcharge
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