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Tobago / Extra Divers Speyside

Nestled between the foothills of Tobago's highest mountain and the beach of Speyside bay, our Nabucco Resort Speyside Inn and Dive Centre has spectacular unhindered views across the water and out to the nature reserves of Little Tobago and Goat Island. As in all our Extra Divers Worldwide facilities you will find our Tobago locations uphold the highest international quality and safety standards.
Those of you who have dived elsewhere in the Caribbean will be amazed at the richness and diversity of Tobago's reefs and prolific fish life. The Speyside dive centre offers three daily dives to the nearby dive sites of the Caribbean. It takes no longer than 5 minutes to reach most sites. Special excursions are arranged to further sites such as Sisters and London Bridge. Dawn dives and night dives are available. Due to the currents most of the dives are performed as drift dives and all divers are provided with safety markers. Dive sites are chosen according to the weather conditions and the experience of
the divers on a daily basis.
A dive boat, developed from divers for divers and eco-friendly equipped with 4-stroke engines taking care of a high quality trip from the beginning.

Diving/Dive spots

Starting from Speyside, the dive center provides up to 4 dives (two of them usual and early morning-, and night dive on request) a day to the close dive spots at the Atlantic coast. 30 dive spots, all reachable in approximate 10 minutes, pamper divers with an extraordinary dive experience. According to the divers experiences, Extra Divers Speyside Inn provides current dives, also dawn- and early morning dives are daily offered . All dive trips are guided by experienced local dive masters.

Team & Education

The dive center is professional and familial managed by Roberto van Heijningen & Debby Boogaarts their capably and helpful team. Dive courses according to PADI-standards are provided.


  • 1 Dive boat
  • 10 equipments from Aqualung
  • 40 x 12 l alu tanks with DIN- and INT-valves, adapter available
  • 7 ZOOP- dive computers
  • L&W 300 compressor
  • Oxygen set and first aid kit

Payment on-site

Money can only be changed or pinned at the official banks.
The nearest bank and ATM is in Roxborough (approx. 30 minutes drive from Speyside) but unfortunately it is not always functioning. The best option to get money is the Scotiabank in Scarborough or Crownpoint (60 to 90 minutes drive from Speyside). It is advised to ask the driver that picks you up at the airport to stop at the Scotiabank in Crownpoint (on the route to Speyside) to get money at the ATM.

Some hotels (including The Speyside Inn), car rental companies and (bigger) tour operators accept payment in USD. But all shops, bars and restaurant usually only accept TTD (Trinidad & Tobago dollars). Euros are not commonly accepted (not even at the bank sometimes or at a very unfavourable exchange rate).

Credit cards that are commonly accepted here are Visa & Mastercard (others might be difficult). Traveler Cheques are NOT accepted (also not by the banks).

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